It's all the same to us - 'A march of a rock' and the rest... And then, only "flooded by drive when I don't know who I'm and what I'm doing I get a knowledge of perception - when I had thought I know very well what I do then it appears I had done no one knows what". (Gintaras Grajauskas)

We live in the state of weightlessness and it's no hope for us (when a gravitation will turn up again) to fall into a void and sterile desert with merciless storms - "only the sand and wind, and the sea... The time doesn't exist here. Only sensible - to sit and wait."

Is it a sign of lassitude, a hope to run of a daily routine? Inability or unwillingness to accept the rules of "Das Glassperlenspiel"? Rules of a game ruled by the civilization. Only for a minute or a few - not for eternity... But that's temporary... A desert is worrying but the sea is at peace. "Everybody and everything melts into the sea... only the footprints left in sand - they show the direction".

Rytis Janulis had this meditation. And here is also RoRa about the trees and birds..